Drum Roll, Please.

Is there life after literature? Ask once I have my PhD…better yet, don’t.

It has been a harrowing PhD application season, but the decisions are in. Out of 19 programs I applied to, I was accepted with funding to eight (Howard University; Louisiana State University; Michigan State University; SUNY Binghamton; Syracuse University; University of California, Riverside; University of Florida; and University of Iowa) and wait-listed at three (University of Maryland; University of Minnesota; and University of Michigan). All of those programs, with the exception of the University of Iowa, are English PhD programs, the majority of them highly regarded, and several of them rather uniquely suited to my needs as an emerging scholar of speculative fiction, feminist and queer theory, and comics and graphic novels. So…

…after nearly a year of thinking, choosing, writing, and applying, I have decided to take a funded, five-year position in the English PhD program at Michigan State University. While a Spartan, I will study with Ellen McCallum (Queer Times, Queer BecomingsObject Lessons: How to Do Things with Fetishism), Scott Michaelsen (Anthropology’s Wake: Attending to the End of Cultural AnalysisThe Limits of Multiculturalism: Interrogating the Origins of American AnthropologyBorder Theory: The Limits of Cultural Politics; and co-editor of the Marxist journal CR: The New Centennial Review), and Gary Hoppenstand (Popular Culture: The BasicsClive Barker’s Short Stories: Imagination As Metaphor in the Books of Blood and Other WorksPulp Fiction of the 1920s and 1930s; and editor of several critical editions of popular fiction works reprinted by Penguin Classics and Signet Classics), among other luminaries.

I know that my time at MSU will be rather productive, even if I will have to spend the first year apart from my partner and our child, since they will be at OSU. Still, I am already deep at work thinking about my comprehensive exam readings lists and dissertation topics and the job market and, and, and. In the mean time, I’ll calm myself with editing my thesis, which I hope to turn into a publishable article this summer.


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