The Master List of University Presses, Catalogs, and Twitter Links

Most academics love books. Hell, it’s why a lot of us think it’s a good idea to go to grad school in the first place. Some, like me, end up editing or writing books, and even — also like me — go into publishing.

As the obsessive type who loves to make lists and keep track of everything, I put together seasonal (fall, spring) lists of recommended books from university and non-university academic presses based on the seasonal (and sometimes annual) catalogs release by c. 120 presses. Rather than repost the list of university presses I track every season, I centralize here the list of c. 120 presses in additional to those without seasonal/annual catalogs — for a total of c. 185 presses — for anyone looking for this sort of information on their own. I call this the Master List of University Presses.

The Master List of Uni Presses below is presented by region — Africa, Asia (including the Middle East), Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Caribbean, Europe (including Russia and the Caucasus), North America, and Non-University (I know, that’s not a region, but whatever) — and organized fully alphabetically (taking into account “The,” “University,” etc.). I’ve formatted the list in tables as follows to provide as much information as quickly possible:

University Press Name and Page HyperlinkTwitter HandleCatalog Type

Re: “Catalog Type” I refer to:

  • Seasonal — the publisher releases catalogs on a seasonal basis (fall, spring, and sometimes summer);
  • Annual — the publisher release one catalog a year;
  • General — the publisher technically doesn’t release a catalog, but maintains a list of current, new, and forthcoming books. Note that some, especially smaller, presses with “general” catalogs do market books seasonally through distribution partners (see, for example, University of Chicago Press’s seasonal catalogs, half of which is usually filled with distributed partners’ books); in cases where I know that a press distributes seasonally with another press, I place an asterisk after the label “General”;
  • Monthly — some publishers release monthly catalogs;
  • None — in a few cases, university presses (especially outside the Anglophone sphere) do not have online catalogs of any sort.

Note that many presses with seasonal and annual catalogs also release topical catalogs based on the key scholarly focuses of their lists.

As an aside, if you also love university press sales, which often provide deep cuts on otherwise expensive books, Philip Allfrey created the University Press Sales Bot on Twitter, based largely on this master list, to curate all tweets from university press Twitter accounts that provide information about sales and discounts.

If you believe a press is missing from my list, please contact me and provide:

  1. The name of the press
  2. A link to the press
  3. A link to the press’s catalog page (or description of catalog type)
  4. A link to the press’s Twitter account, if available

The Master List

African University Presses

American University in Cairo Press@AUCPressSeasonal
UNAM PressNo TwitterGeneral
UNISA PressNo TwitterGeneral*
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press @UKZNPressGeneral
Wits University Press@WitsPressGeneral

Asian University Presses

American University of Beirut Press No Twitter General
Chinese University of Hong Kong PressNo TwitterSeasonal
Hong Kong University Press@HKUPressSeasonal
National University of Singapore Press@NUS_PressSeasonal
University of Tehran PressNo TwitterGeneral
University of Tokyo Press@UT_PressGeneral

Australian and New Zealand University Presses

Aukland University Press@AUPBooksGeneral
Australian National University Press@ANU_PressAnnual
Canterbury University PressNo TwitterGeneral
Massey University Press@masseyunipressGeneral
Melbourne University Press@MUPublishingGeneral
Monash University Publishing@MonashPubSeasonal
Otago University Press@OtagoUniPressGeneral
Sydney University Press@SydneyUniPressGeneral
Te TākupuNo TwitterGeneral
University of Adelaide Press [defunct as of 2018]No TwitterGeneral
University of New South Wales Press@newsouthbookSeasonal
University of Queensland Press@UQPbooksGeneral
University of Technology Queensland ePress@UTSePRESSGeneral
University of Western Australia Press@uwapublishingGeneral
Victoria University Press@VUPBooksGeneral

Canadian University Presses

Athabasca University Press@au_pressSeasonal
Concordia University Press@ConcordiaPressSeasonal
McGill-Queen’s University Press@McGillQueensUPSeasonal
University of Alberta Press@UAlbertaPressSeasonal
University of British Columbia Press@UBCPressSeasonal
University of Calgary Press@UCalgaryPressSeasonal
University of Manitoba Press@umanitobapressSeasonal
University of Ottawa Press@uOttawaPressSeasonal
University of Regina Press@UofRPressSeasonal
University of Toronto Press@utpressSeasonal
Wilfrid Laurier University Press@wlupressSeasonal

Caribbean University Presses

University of the West Indies Press@UWIPRESSAnnual

European University Presses

Aarhus University Press@AarhusUniPressGeneral
Amsterdam University Press@AmsterdamUPressMonthly
Bristol University Press@BrisUniPressSeasonal
Cambridge University Press@CUPAcademicSeasonal
Central European University Press@CEUPressSeasonal
Cork University Press@CorkUPGeneral
Crete University Press@CreteUniPressGeneral
Edinburgh University Press@EdinburghUPSeasonal
Helsinki University Press@HelsinkiUPressGeneral
Huddersfield University Press@HudUniPressGeneral
Karolinum Press@KarolinumPressSeasonal
Khazar University PressNo TwitterNone
Kingston University Press@KU_PressGeneral
Leiden University Press@LeidenUPressGeneral
Leuven University Press@LeuvenUPSeasonal
Liverpool University Press@LivUniPressGeneral
Manchester University Press@ManchesterUPSeasonal
Moscow University PressNo TwitterGeneral
Museum Tusculanum Press@MuseumTusculanuGeneral
Oxford University Press@OUPAcademicSeasonal
UCL Press@UCLpressSeasonal
University of Exeter Press@UExeterPressGeneral
University of Hertfordshire Press@UHPressGeneral
University of London Press@UoLPressGeneral
University of Tartu Press@kirjastusGeneral
University of Wales Press@UniWalesPressSeasonal
University of Westminster Press@UniWestPressGeneral
University Press of Southern DenmarkNo TwitterGeneral
White Rose University Press@WRUniPressGeneral
Yerevan State University Publishing HouseNo TwitterGeneral

North American University Presses

Amherst College Press@AmCollPressGeneral
Baylor University Press@Baylor_PressSeasonal
Brandeis University Press@brandeislibGeneral*
Bucknell University Press@BucknellUPressGeneral*
Catholic University of America Press@CUAPressSeasonal
Columbia University Press@ColumbiaUPSeasonal
Cornell University Press@CornellPressSeasonal
Duke University Press@DukePressSeasonal
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press@fdu_pressAnnual
Fordham University Press@FordhamPressSeasonal
Gallaudet University Press@GallaudetPressSeasonal
George Mason University PressNo TwitterGeneral
Georgetown University Press@Georgetown_UPSeasonal
Harvard University Press@Harvard_PressSeasonal
Indiana University Press@iupressSeasonal
Johns Hopkins University Press@JHUPressSeasonal
Louisiana State University Press@lsupressSeasonal
Mercer University Press@mupressSeasonal
Michigan State University Press@msupressSeasonal
MIT Press@mitpressSeasonal
New York University Press@NYUpressSeasonal
Northern Illinois University Press@NIUPressGeneral*
Northwestern University Press@NorthwesternUPSeasonal
Ohio University Press@OhioUnivPressSeasonal
Oregon State University Press@osupressSeasonal
Pennsylvania State University Press@PSUPressSeasonal
Princeton University Press@PrincetonUPressSeasonal
Purdue University Press@PurduePressSeasonal
RIT Press@RITPressGeneral*
Rochester University Press [via Boydell & Brewer]No TwitterSeasonal
Rutgers University Press@RutgersUPressSeasonal
San Diego State University Press@SDSUPressGeneral
Southern Illinois University Press@siupressGeneral
Stanford University Press@stanfordpressSeasonal
SUNY Press@SUNYPressSeasonal
Syracuse University Press@SUPressSeasonal
Temple University Press@TempleUnivPressSeasonal
Texas A&M University Press@TAMUPressSeasonal
Texas Christian University Press@TCUPressGeneral*
Texas Tech University Press@TTUPressGeneral*
The Kent State University Press@KentStateUPressSeasonal
The Ohio State University Press@ohiostatepressSeasonal
The University of Akron Press@uakronpressGeneral
Trinity University Press@tupressGeneral
University of Alabama Press@UnivofALPressSeasonal
University of Alaska Press@ualaskapressSeasonal
University of Arizona Press@AZpressSeasonal
University of Arkansas Press@uarkpressSeasonal
University of California Press@ucpressSeasonal
University of Chicago Press@UChicagoPressSeasonal
University of Cincinnati Press@ucincipressGeneral*
University of Delaware PressNo TwitterGeneral
University of Georgia Press@UGAPressSeasonal
University of Hawai’i Press@uhpressnewsSeasonal
University of Illinois Press@IllinoisPressSeasonal
University of Iowa Press@UIowaPressSeasonal
University of Kentucky Press@KentuckyPressSeasonal
University of Massachusetts Press@umasspressSeasonal
University of Michigan Press@UofMPressSeasonal
University of Minnesota Press@UMinnPressSeasonal
University of Missouri Press@umissouripressSeasonal
University of Nebraska Press@UnivNebPressSeasonal
University of Nevada Press@UNVPressSeasonal
University of New Mexico Press@UNMPressSeasonal
University of North Carolina Press@uncpressblogSeasonal
University of North Texas Press@UNTPressGeneral*
University of Notre Dame Press@UNDPressSeasonal
University of Oklahoma Press@OUPressSeasonal
University of Pennsylvania Press@PennPressSeasonal
University of Pittsburgh Press@UPittPressSeasonal
University of South Carolina Press@USCPressSeasonal
University of Tennessee Press@utennpressSeasonal
University of Texas Press@UTexasPressSeasonal
University of Utah Press@UofUPressSeasonal
University of Virginia Press@uvapressSeasonal
University of Washington Press@UWAPressSeasonal
University of Wisconsin Press@UWiscPressSeasonal
University Press of Florida@floridapressSeasonal
University Press of Kansas@Kansas_PressSeasonal
University Press of Mississippi@upmissSeasonal
Vanderbilt University Press@VanderbiltUPSeasonal
Washington State University Press@WSU_PressGeneral
Wayne State University Press@WSUPressSeasonal
Wesleyan University Press@weslpressGeneral*
West Virginia University Press@WVUPRESSSeasonal
Yale University Press@yalepressSeasonal


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