Sean Guynes is a cultural historian of politics, power, and belonging in American popular culture. He works primarily on American Cold War history and the cultural politics (and representations) of socialism, anarchism, and libertarianism in the U.S. Within these frames he studies issues of empire, capitalism, whiteness, masculinity, and political radicalism/reactionism through the lens of popular culture and genre fiction, especially science fiction, alternate history, and horror.

Sean currently works in alt-academia as the Journals Coordinator at Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan while finishing his PhD in English at Michigan State University. His first book, Forgotten Futures: How the Korean War Changed American Science Fiction, under advance contract with University of Nebraska Press, is a study of how the Korean War’s legacies in American Cold War policy, public memory, and popular culture drastically shaped American science fiction in the 1950s and beyond.

Sean is the author of a forthcoming study of Starship Troopers from Auteur Publishing in their Constellations monograph series. In addition to his scholarly and public writing, Sean is co-editor of the Encapsulations: Critical Comics Studies book series for University of Nebraska Press, editor of SFRA Review, and managing editor of The Journal of Electronic Publishing. He edited the Punking Speculative Fiction special issue of Deletion and co-edited the forthcoming Screening Utopia in Dystopian Times special issue of SFFTV; co-edited Unstable Masks: Whiteness and American Superhero Comics, Star Wars TV: The Televisual Worlds of a Transmedia Franchise, and Star Wars and the History of Transmedia Storytelling; and was previously book reviews editor of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction and editorial assistant to The Journal of Popular Culture.

You can find Sean on Twitter as @saguynes.