Foundation Books for Review

foundationI am Book Review Editor of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, along with my wonderful colleague Will Slocombe (University of Liverpool).

The print titles below are now available for review for FoundationOur reviews are typically 1,000-1,500 words, due within roughly three months.

We also encourage longer review essays that bring together multiple (2-3) related titles.

If you are interested in reviewing one or more of the below titles, please contact the book review editors, Sean Guynes-Vishniac ( and Will Slocombe ( Please include your qualifications to review the title(s).

Please note: The book review editors are sending books from separate continental locations (the US and the UK). As a result, potential reviewers may be given preferential selection depending on which reviews editor the book was sent to.

If you are an author or publisher, please direct queries regarding books for review to the above email addresses.

Foundation Books for Review


  • Fenwick, James, ed. Understanding Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey: Representation and Interpretation. Intellect, 2018.
  • Jamison, Carol Parrish. Chivalry in Westeros: The Knightly Code of A Song of Ice and Fire. McFarland, 2018.
  • Jones, Matthew. Science Fiction Cinema and 1950s Britain: Recontextualising Cultural Anxiety. Bloomsbury, 2018.
  • Reid, Conor. Words to that Effect. Season 1, episodes 1-13, 25 June 2017-18 Dec. 2017. Podcast.


  • Appleby, Rob, and Page, Ra, eds. Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals. Comma Press, 2017.
  • Carroll, Michael. Europa’s Lost Expedition. Springer, 2017.
  • Kanas, Nick. The Caloris Network: A Scientific Novel. Springer, 2016.
  • Koshu, Tani. The Erinys Incident. Trans. Simon Varnam. Kurodahan Press, 2018.
  • Larson, Rich. Annex. Orbit, 2018. The Violet Wars 1.
  • Ludwigsen, Will. Acres of Perhaps: Stories and Episodes. Lethe Press, 2018.
  • Macan, Darko and Tatjana Jambrišak, eds. Kontakt: An Anthology of Croatian SF. Wizard’s Tower Press, 2014. Digital copy (EPUB or MOBI) only.
  • Mamatas, Nick. The People’s Republic of Everything. Tachyon, 2018. Digital copy only.
  • Moore, Marshall. A Garden Fed by Lightning. Signal 8 Press, 2018.
  • Morden, S.J. One Way. Orbit, 2018.
  • Murray, James S. with Darren Wearmouth. Awakened. Harper Voyager, 2018.
  • North, Claire. 84K. Orbit, 2018.
  • Russell, Craig. Fragment. Thistledown Press, 2018.
  • Siljak, Harun. Murder on the Einstein Express and Other Stories. Springer, 2016.
  • Stalcup, Erin. And Yet It Moves. Indiana UP, 2016.
  • Walker, Philip Dean. Read by Strangers: Stories. Lethe Press, 2018.
  • Williams, Walter Jon. The Accidental War. Harper Voyager, 2018.