Foundation Books for Review

foundationI am Book Review Editor of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, along with my wonderful colleague Will Slocombe (University of Liverpool).

The print titles below are now available for review for FoundationOur reviews are typically 1,000-1,500 words, due within roughly three months.

We also encourage longer review essays that bring together multiple (2-3) related titles.

If you are interested in reviewing one or more of the below titles, please contact the book review editors, Sean Guynes-Vishniac ( and Will Slocombe ( Please include your qualifications to review the title(s).

Please note: The book review editors are sending books from separate continental locations (the US and the UK). As a result, potential reviewers may be given preferential selection depending on which reviews editor the book was sent to.

If you are an author or publisher, please direct queries regarding books for review to the above email addresses.

Foundation Books for Review


  • Allen, Paul V. Eleanor Cameron: Dimensions of Amazement. UP of Mississippi, 2018.
  • Baker, Djoymi. To Boldly Go: Marketing the Myth of Star Trek. I.B. Tauris, 2018.
  • Caroti, Simone. The Culture Series of Iain M. Banks. McFarland, 2018.
  • Grace, Dominick. The Science Fiction of Phyllis Gotlieb. McFarland, 2015.
  • Hantke, Steffen. Monsters in the Machine: Science Fiction Film and the Militarization of America after World War II.  UP of Mississippi, 2017.
  • Hetages, Sarah. Girls on Fire: Transformative heroines in Young Adult Dystopian Literature. McFarland, 2018.
  • Jamison, Carol Parrish. Chivalry in Westeros: The Knightly Code of A Song of Ice and Fire. McFarland, 2018.
  • Jones, Matthew. Science Fiction Cinema and 1950s Britain: Recontextualising Cultural Anxiety. Bloomsbury, 2018.
  • Kac-Vergne, Marianne. Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema: Cyborgs, Troopers, and Other Men of the Future. I.B. Tauris, 2018.
  • Midson, Scott A. Cyborg Theology: Humans, Technology, and God. I.B. Tauris, 2018.
  • Reid, Conor. Words to that Effect. Season 1, episodes 1-13, 25 June 2017-18 Dec. 2017. Podcast.
  • Sharp, Patrick B. Darwinian Feminism and Early Science Fiction: Angels, Amazons, and Women. U of Wales P, 2018. Digital copy only.
  • Telotte, J.P. Robot Ecology and the Science Fiction Film. Routledge, 2018.


  • Aldama, Frederick Luis, ed. Tales from La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology. The Ohio State UP, 2018.
  • Appleby, Rob, and Page, Ra, eds. Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals. Comma Press, 2017.
  • Bowles, David. Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths from Mexico. Cinco Puntos Press, 2018.
  • Carroll, Michael. Europa’s Lost Expedition. Springer, 2017.
  • Dyachenko, Marina and Sergey. Vita Nostra. Translated by Julia Meitov Hersey, Harper Voyager, 2018.
  • Devenport, Emily. Medusa Uploaded. Tor, 2018.
  • Drayden, Nicky. Temper. Harper Voyager, 2018.
  • Ford, Jeffrey. Ahab’s Return; Or The Last Voyage. William Morrow, 2018.
  • Gumbs, Alexis Pauline. M Archive: After the End of the World. Duke UP, 2018.
  • Kanas, Nick. The Caloris Network: A Scientific Novel. Springer, 2016.
  • Lamb, Alex. Nemesis. Gollancz, 2016.
  • Liu, Cixin. Ball Lightning. Tor, 2018. Digital copy only.
  • Lostetter, Marina J. Noumenon Infinity. Harper Voyager, 2018. (Sequel to Noumenon, 2017.)
  • Ludwigsen, Will. Acres of Perhaps: Stories and Episodes. Lethe Press, 2018.
  • Mamatas, Nick. The People’s Republic of Everything. Tachyon, 2018. Digital copy only.
  • Moorcock, Michael. The Best of Michael Moorcock. Tachyon, 2018. Digital copy only.
  • Moore, Marshall. A Garden Fed by Lightning. Signal 8 Press, 2018.
  • Morden, S.J. One Way. Orbit, 2018.
  • Murray, James S. with Darren Wearmouth. Awakened. Harper Voyager, 2018. 
  • Naji, Ahmed. Using Life. Translated by Benjamin Koerber, illustrated by Ayman Al Zorkany, U of Texas P, 2017.
  • Newman, Emma. Before Mars. Ace, 2018.
  • North, Claire. 84K. Orbit, 2018.
  • Saintcrow, Lilith. Afterwar. Orbit, 2018.
  • Siljak, Harun. Murder on the Einstein Express and Other Stories. Springer, 2016.
  • Stalcup, Erin. And Yet It Moves. Indiana UP, 2016.
  • Tem, Steve Rasnic. Figures Unseen: Selected Stories. Valancourt Books, 2018.
  • Valente, Catherynne. Space Opera. Saga, 2018.
  • Roush, Wade, ed. Twelve Tomorrows. MIT Press, 2018. MIT Technology Review Annual SF Anthology.
  • Walker, Philip Dean. Read by Strangers: Stories. Lethe Press, 2018.
  • Warom, Ren. Escapology. Angry Robot, 2016.
  • Wells, Alex. Blood Binds the Pack. Angry Robot, 2018.
  • Wolfson Widger, Caeli. Mother of Invention. Little A, 2018.
  • Yoss. Condomnauts. Restless Books, 2018.
  • Zaghmout, Fadi. Heaven on Earth. Signal 8 Press, 2018.
  • Živković, Zoran. The Image Interpreter. Trans. Randall A. Major. Cadmus Press, 2017.
  • Živković, Zoran. The Writer and The Ghostwriter. Trans. Alice Copple-Tošić. Cadmus Press, 2017.