Editorial Work


Michigan Publishing, 2018-

Journals Coordinator, Michigan Publishing Services, University of Michigan Library, University of Michigan, 2018-


Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Series Co-Editor, Palgrave SFF: A New Canon, 2020-

University of Nebraska Press, 2019-2020

Series Co-Editor, Encapsulations: Critical Comics Studies, 2019-2020

SFRA Review, 2018-

Editor, SFRA Review, 2018-

Journal of Electronic Publishing, 2018-

Managing Editor, Journal of Electronic Publishing, 2018-

Foundation, 2017-2018

Book Reviews Editor, Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, 2017-2018

The Journal of Popular Culture, 2016-2017

Editorial Assistant, The Journal of Popular Culture, 2016-2017