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Call for Articles

SFRA Review (eISSN 2641-2837) is published four times a year by the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) and distributed to SFRA members and freely available to the public in PDF form via the SFRA website.

Sean Guynes
Ian Campbell
Managing Editor

Feature Articles

SFRA Review regularly publishes short feature articles (c. 2,000-3,000 words), and as such invites short papers that develop a tight, single argument. The purpose of these is to showcase ongoing work and developing ideas in sf studies, to create dialogue about scholarly ideas in an open venue that is not sequestered behind a paywall.

Style and Content

Prospective feature articles may be formal or informal, either in the tone of a longer academic paper or an online “thinkpiece” (see essays in Los Angeles Review of Books‘s SF section for examples of this sort). We encourage contributors to submit conference papers that have been edited for publication, as well as sections of work-in-progress, whether for journal articles or larger projects (we gladly provide reprint permissions for all work we publish). We invite work by scholars (established and rising, graduate students through professors emeritus), writers and creators in the genre, as well as lay people with a strong critical grounding in sf.

Papers may deal with any aspect of sf, broadly understood, in the words of Donna J. Haraway as “a sign for science fiction, speculative feminism, science fantasy, speculative fabulation, science fact, and also, string figures,” among other intersections of science, speculation, and the fantastic and weird produced and circulated within the structures of literary, mass cultural, filmic, theatrical, sonic, ludic, and other forms of media.

Papers should be written using the MLA 8th edition style guide (in-text citations, works cited at the end) and should be 2,000-3,000 words in length.

Papers may be submitted at any time to the SFRA Review editor, Sean Guynes, or to the managing editor, Ian Campbell (info here). If you have any questions about the fit of an article, your queries will be promptly answered.

For information about writing book and media reviews for SFRA Review, please contact the appropriate review editor (info here).