The Routledge Handbook to Star Trek

The Routledge Handbook to Star Trek
Sean Guynes, Sabrina Mittermeier, and Stefan Hantke, editors
Under contract with Routledge

Since the 1960s, the American media franchise Star Trek has held a significant place in the history of science fiction, utopian thinking, science and technology development, transmedia storytelling, audience community building through fandom, and global popular culture. The Star Trek franchise amounts to one of the largest media texts ever produced, spread across every conceivable media, including more than 740 television episodes across 31 seasons, 13 feature-length films, over 500 original novels and over 500 comics, more than 100 video games, dozens of board and role-playing games, and countless millions of words in fan fiction and hundreds of hours in fan films. Together, these permutations of the transmedia storyworld would take a lifetime to watch, read, and play. A veritable popular culture juggernaut, it is among the most successful (trans)media franchises, a classic of and major influence on science fiction.

The Routledge Handbook to Star Trek offers a synoptic overview of Star Trek, its history, its influence, and the scholarly response to the franchise, as well as possibilities for further study. With 58 chapters and more than 60 contributors, the handbook surveys every Star Trek television series and film, key aspects of fandom and franchise history, and the major themes Star Trek has engaged for more than half a century. The handbook emphasizes innovative, intersectional, and interdisciplinary approaches to studying Star Trek, offering a comprehensive and exciting companion to students, academics, and fans alike.


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