Short Review: Whisper by Chang Yu-Ko

The Short Reviews Series Whisper by Chang Yu-Ko, translated by Roddy Flagg (Honford Star, 2021). Taiwanese doctor-turned-writer Chang Yu-Ko's debut novel Whisper (trans. by Roddy Flagg and published in English by Honford Star, an indie publisher devoted to bringing Asian fiction to the Anglophone market) is a powerhouse ghost story that explores the complex, often … Continue reading Short Review: Whisper by Chang Yu-Ko

Whiteness 101: An Abolitionist Bibliography

Compiled by Sean Guynes (2018-2021) and Martin Lund (2018-2019) Whiteness. You know what it is. Either you have benefited from its privileges, have been caught at its ragged edges, or have suffered under its thumb. It is a central problem of modernity, a human rights concern of contemporary life. Whiteness must be abolished. Writers, activists, … Continue reading Whiteness 101: An Abolitionist Bibliography