Teaching Evaluations


Fall 2015 (TA)
IAH 201: U.S. and the World, “Globalization and Popular Culture”

“Sean Guynes hands down has been the most beneficial TA I have had yet. He was very open to new ideas, and he didn’t just listen to what students had to say but fully engaged in conversation. He kept his word when he said he was going to look something up for us, and the next class gladly incorporated what it is we brought up into the class period. He took polls and gathered feedback from us to see what was and was not working throughout the whole semester, that way he knew he was helping us to the best of his ability. I never wanted to miss a recitation, because I knew I would leave the room having learned many new and exciting things. I wish all of my TAs were as excited to discuss course material and do what they can to teach us the way that works best for us as he was, instead of what is the most convenient way for them to teach the material.”

“I only ended up taking this class because of a university requirement, and I didn’t take it very seriously. I did my work, but skipped classes when I knew I could. Fast forward to the end of the year where I started to go to recitation with Sean again. I felt like I made a huge mistake skipping classes. He was very passionate about what he was talking about, and the classroom felt like a small family. My laziness caused me to not take advantage of a truly great TA.”

“Sean A. Guynes always came to recitation prepared and used effective teaching methods that enhanced the classes knowledge on the subject matter. He was always open to questions and comments, and graded fairly. His interest in the subject kept the class involved and interested in learning.”

“[Sean had] visible excitement and interest when teaching the course. He tried to make sure we understood the material and would even stay later for an office hour if you did not have the time during regular office hours. Sean was a great TA.”

“Sean was a great TA, he was very knowledgeable about the course topics and his enthusiasm while lecturing helped gain interest. He was very approachable and willing to help with assignments, and essays during his office hours.”

“This class has nothing to do with what I want to do as a career. I am a science major so this is a class that is very much out of my scope. Even though it is not typically what I enjoy taking, this class has become my favorite one for the semester and the teachers kept me interested and engaged.”

“Sean Guynes made sure to go above and beyond to help every student understand a topic that is not all that easily understood.”

“Sean Guynes was very effective in helping me to understand what the lectures were trying to teach me. He provided extra knowledge and helpful examples. Sean has gone above and beyond to make sure I, as well as my fellow students, understand the course material to succeed in this course.”

“Sean A Guynes, was an exceptional TA for IAH 201. He was always readily available even if that means a fast response to an email. He gives in depth explanations to any questions. He knows the material well and clearly has a passion for what he is teaching. His class time clearly identified what was expected of the students and what we would be graded on. He did not trick students by adding extra things on exams or how he would grade, etc.”