I am an editor, critic, and cultural historian of SFF.

I write about science fiction, fantasy, and horror; popular culture; and the history of power—with attention to empire, capitalism, and race in global contexts—for popular and academic publications.

As the acquiring editor for Lever Press, I work to bring diverse, conversation-changing scholarship into the world, emphasizing writing that appeals to general audiences, speaks truth to power, and reveals the many ways inequality operates. I value writing that works toward practicable critical and community responses, that seeks to do something for the world.

This site features links to all of my published and edited work, which I make freely available whenever possible, as well as two blogs: Bookwyrm, where I write short reviews and essays about SFF and popular culture not published elsewhere, and Publish / Perish, where I provide commentary on academic publishing from an insider’s perspective (but mostly I just recommend academic books).

An image of Sean Guynes facing away, with his back to the camera, looking onto the Cornish coastline.