Whiteness 101: A Reading List to Abolish the Problem

You know what it is. Either you have benefited from its privileges, have been caught at its ragged edges, or have suffered under its thumb. It is a central problem of modernity, a human rights concern in contemporary life. Whiteness must be abolished. Reading List ToC Histories of Whiteness Theories of Whiteness Fuck White Supremacy … Continue reading Whiteness 101: A Reading List to Abolish the Problem


Call for Editors: SFRA Review

SFRA Review is currently seeking applications for two new editors: an Associate Editor and an Assistant Media Review Editor. The call was first posted in SFRA Review #328 (Spring 2019). The SFRA Review (eISSN 2641-2837; formerly published in print as ISSN 1068-395X) is an open access journal published four times a year by the Science Fiction Research … Continue reading Call for Editors: SFRA Review

Things I Read, Wrote, Did in 2018

Following the neoliberal impulse to quantify everything in order to make a metric of productivity out of my life, and also following in the footsteps of Mark Bould, Dan Hassler-Forest, Drew Morton, and other friends who quantify their reading/viewing habits, and further following those academic-twitter and writer-twitter folks who post year's-end lists of publications—for these … Continue reading Things I Read, Wrote, Did in 2018

CFP: Star Wars TV

Call for Chapters STAR WARS TV The Television Worlds of a Transmedia Franchise Co-edited by Sean Guynes and Derek R. Sweet Star Wars. The name evokes billion-dollar blockbusters, a film franchise that has last more than forty years. For most people, Star Wars is the Star Wars films—that one with the teddy bears, the ones with … Continue reading CFP: Star Wars TV

Annual Reading List 2017

In 2017, I read 125 books. This list was inspired by Mark Bould, who wrote his own about his reading practices in 2016 (published in January 2017). I combed through all that I read to create three lists of “bests”: recent fiction (past two years), older fiction, and comics. “Best” is subjective and my reasoning … Continue reading Annual Reading List 2017

2017 ASA Panel Proposal

The following proposal was accepted to the 2018 ASA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. Panelists were selected by invitation and from an open CFP. I’m posting it here as an example of a successful ASA proposal. –          –          – SCIENCE FICTION AS DISSENT Panel Proposal | ASA Annual Meeting | … Continue reading 2017 ASA Panel Proposal